Busy Bee Products Ltd

Busy Bee Products Ltd is all about producing plants for bees and making products from beeswax and honey.  We produce a range of beeswax and honey based lines including lip balm, skin cream, scented candles and furniture polish all made using beeswax and honey from our own beehives and other beekeepers situated at various locations in the New Forest.  We also grow a range of plants that bees love to help these busy creatures forage and feed in the local area.

The plants are grown from seed or brought in as tiny plugs and then nurtured and tended at our home bade in our poly-tunnel and greenhouses at Hordle – New Forest.

We sell our plants and products at local fairs, events and markets.  Our bees are tended by ourselves and we are kept busy making sure that all is well with the hives and their inhabitants!

We welcome enquiries from interested parties.


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24 Pegasus Avenue, Hordle, Lymington, SO41 0HN