We’re delighted to welcome landscape photographer, Alex Wright, as a brand new member of the New Forest Marque Inspired.

Having first started developing and printing his own photographs at the age of 7, Alex went on to study photography at college. He spent much of his life employed as a photographer in the technical and industrial field, but redundancy gave him the opportunity to pursue his long-held ambition to concentrate on landscape photography.

There is a transitory grace in the way that light and shade interact with the landscape, producing amazing effects, lasting for only a few minutes, or even seconds, before the light changes and everything looks ordinary again. These are the moments that make you want to just stand and stare in awe and wonder, the moments that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. As you realise that the world will never look exactly the same again, you become aware that you too are forever changed as a result of that experience. The powerful peace and tranquillity of those moments emerges through these images, as those fleeting seconds of spiritual and emotional wonder are captured.

Many of Alex’s images are focused around the two most special times of the day – sunrise and sunset. Sunrise is his favourite as in the early morning everything is often so peaceful, before the day has begun for many people, whereas at the end of the day there can be a rush to get finished before nightfall.

Sunrise is also more of a challenge, often leaving home when it’s still completely dark with no chance to assess what the dawn may bring. Living on the edge of the New Forest, most of Alex’s work is produced and inspired by the local area, but you’ll also find images from Cornwall to Scotland.

You can take a look at Alex’s work on his website and Facebook page, and there’s still time to purchase a 2024 calendar!