Whilst other small businesses have sadly fallen due to the pandemic, Beachcomber Gin has grown stronger and I would also like to introduce you to my newly released, Beachcomber Rum.

This is a dark sweet and spicy Rum with an ABV of 40%. We discovered this lovely smooth rum a couple of years ago whilst on holiday in the Caribbean, as non rum drinkers we tried to find one that was smooth enough for us to drink. Once meeting the lovely people of Granada we were hooked and have been working for more than a year to launch this with the amazing bottle design. It is distilled in the Caribbean for Beachcomber Gin and rested in Oak barrels. It is then blended by Beachcomber Gin to create a rich and smooth taste of vanilla and brown sugar. Delicious on it’s own or enjoyed with a mixer. Although it is very new, it is already attracting a lot of attention and I am getting very good feedback.

As with our gin it is in a printed recyclable bottle finished off with a biodegradable cork. Bottles that are returned are reused and a donation is made to The Ocean Cleanup.

This is already available wholesale and retail and will be available to the general public in 2 weeks time.

I have recently appeared in the Rolls Royce Owners book which has over 40,000 copies distributed around the world. I have also had a request from the head of the Royal household asking if I would be a patron for the Queens 95th birthday which will take place later this year. The launch for both books will take place in London on 8th October. Very exciting 🙂