As part of the New Forest National Park Authority’s “Behind the Scenes” campaign, we met up with one of our brilliant members, Richard Frampton (affectionately known as Dickie), to find out about the work he does here in the New Forest.

Having never been one to shy away from a challenge, Dickie set himself a new task back in 2017 of turning his skills and passion into a successful cider business.

After buying some books, converting a barn, and planting 800 apple trees – Dickie’s Dribble was born. It took some trial and error to perfect the recipe, but he now boasts two delicious varieties of cider, praised for their crisp apple flavour.

“It’s all about quality, using local produce. I’m not aiming to mass produce it, I make small batches of the cider and it’s still fun. I didn’t want to start a business that I didn’t enjoy, so as long as I enjoy it, I’ll continue making good cider.”

Striving to keep the business in the family, Dickie is supported by his daughter, Emma, who is equally passionate about squeezing as much juice as possible into their cider and keeping it all about the apples. Dickie and his family have spent their lives in the area, and the landscape plays a big part in inspiring their business.

“I’m born and bred in the New Forest, so I might be biased, but it’s not until you go and explore other places that you realise how wonderful it is here. The ability to walk anywhere, roam anywhere, see the ponies in their natural environment. It’s the freedom and the wonderful abundance of nature that makes it so special – and it’s full of interesting characters. We’re spoilt!”

Harrow Wood Farm is nestled within the heart of the New Forest National Park, set in 100 acres of mixed farmland and woodland in the Bransgore. While the soil isn’t good enough for most crops, apple trees seem to thrive there, and the orchard is teeming with pollinating wildlife as well as several rare invertebrates.

Dickie’s Dribble is a fantastic example of true local produce. Not only is it grown here, but it’s produced here, sold here and enjoyed here.

“I’ve been a member of the Marque for several years now. Having the logo on our product makes a difference and helps it stand out on the shelves.”

Find Dickie’s Dribble in a few local pubs and shops, order it online, or enjoy it at the Glastongore Cider Festival in the summer.