We’re pleased to welcome our latest member and local ceramicist Helen Green to the New Forest Marque Inspired.

Based in Bransgore, Helen makes sculptures of mythical characters from folklore and elementals she imagines living in the New Forest. Her pieces are mostly hand/slab-built made from stoneware clay, and decorated using oxides and glazes.

“I draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and vivid imagination; which is hugely influenced by the books I read as a child containing the illustrations of Arthur Rackham, Alfred Bestall, Margaret Tarrent and Cicely Mary Barker to name but a few. All beautiful, classical and timeless fantasy illustrations; so if you see the odd pixie, imp or fairy pop up in my work you’ll know why!”

Helen Green

You can view a selection of Helen’s work on her website, and keep up to date with her Instagram. She also exhibits locally in art and crafts fairs and takes part in Hampshire Open Studios each year.