Claire with one of her alpaca's, Mr Darcy.

We’re delighted to welcome Herd Alpaca Apparel as a brand new member of the New Forest Marque.

Herd Alpaca Apparel are a new brand producing beautiful, luxurious and exclusive knitwear made using the fleece of alpacas and their extended families that live in the New Forest.

“Nestled in the serene New Forest, our alpacas enjoy a unique habitat amidst freely roaming deer, horses, donkeys and cattle. If you happen to stroll in the New Forest, you may catch a glimpse of our adorable alpacas! They’re a beloved part of the landscape, drawing smiles from passer-by’s who can’t resist saying hello.” – Claire Turner

Alpaca garments are fabulous investments in comfort and style that can last for years with proper care. Because alpaca fibres aren’t just soft and luxurious, they’re also incredibly strong. Unlike many other fibres, alpaca is exceptionally durable while maintaining its remarkable softness.

Herd Alpaca Apparel’s first collection will be launching online soon. Keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook pages to be the first to know when it’s available to purchase.