On Wednesday 22nd February, butchers from across Hampshire gathered in Winchester to compete in the Great Hampshire Sausage and Pie Competition.

The annual contest was organised by not-for-profit local food group, Hampshire Fare, to celebrate the county’s talented butchers. Held at the Holiday Inn in Winchester, the event was supported by headline sponsors AHDB along with Lucas Ingredients, Dalziel, Mozzo Coffee and Pmdc Design. Eric Robinson Solicitors, Paris Smith LLP and South England Pastries for supporting individual categories.

The competition attracted an impressive 201 entries from 38 butchers. Contestants entered their products into thirteen different categories including; Hampshire Sausage, Hot Pie, Traditional Pork Pie, Black Pudding, Meatballs and Faggots, Charcuterie, Young Sausage Maker and Speciality Pork Sausage.

The entries were carefully examined and assessed by a panel of professional judges who followed strict national guidelines. The judges examined external and internal appearance, texture, structure, colour, smell and taste.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards were presented to the most impressive entries with a Champion chosen in each category.

New Forest Marque winners were:


Tatchbury Manor Farm – Black Pudding

Tatchbury Manor Farm – Smoked Black Pudding

Tatchbury Manor Farm – Coarse Pork Pate

Tatchbury Manor Farm – New Forest Gorse Smoked Bacon

Tatchbury Manor Farm – Smoked Bacon

Tatchbury Manor Farm – Chicken Curry Pie

Tatchbury Manor Farm – Steak& Onion Pie


A Pinch of Salt – Hampshire Lomo

A Pinch of Salt –  Red Wine Salami

H.G.Witt & Son – Pork & Spinach Sausage

H.G.Witt & Son – Steak & Mushroom Sausage

H.G.Witt & Son – Midgham Meatballs

Hockey’s Farm Shop – Rare Breed British Lop Pork Sausage

Hockey’s Farm Shop – Rare Breed British Lop Pork, Apple & New Forest Cider Sausage

T.Bartlett & Son – Hampshire Hog

The Farmers Butcher – Iron Age Sausage

The Farmers Butcher – Pork & Marmalade Sausage

The Farmers Butcher – Faggots


A Pinch of Salt – Chorizo

H.G.Witt & Son – Beef with Chilli, Tomato & Garlic Sausage

H.G.Witt & Son – Beef Faggots

Tatchbury Manor Farm – Pheasant Pate

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