Join The New Forest Marque®

The New Forest Marque is a local food and produce scheme set up to champion businesses who pride themselves on producing and providing food, drinks and craft with clearly defined New Forest provenance.

The New Forest Marque also works to protect, encourage and promote traditional and unique farming traditions and practices, which help to fashion the iconic and beautiful landscape and environment found in the New Forest.

A well-recognised logo clearly identifies items that have been grown, reared, caught,  brewed, produced or processed in the New Forest.

Whether you’re a Commoner, a Primary Producer, a Processer or you offer local produce to your customers, you can apply to join the New Forest Marque.

Why join?

Membership benefits include

  • A free listing in the annual local produce guide.
  • A dedicated website listing.
  • Reduced pitch fees for events, such as the New Forest & Hampshire County Show, The New Forest Christmas Fair, and Ellingham & Ringwood Show.
  • High level of promotional support.
  • Member to Member Networking opportunities.
  • Introductions to buyers and suppliers.
  • Subsidised bespoke training.
  • Individual business advice.
  • Start-up support.
  • Use of the New Forest Marque logo to label your produce.
  • Use of the Marque logo on your website and publicity material.

Criteria for Use of the Marque

  1. The New Forest Marque is a scheme with a recognised logo that clearly identifies produce that has been produced in the New Forest.
  2. Producers, processors and sellers can apply to be licensed to use the New Forest Marque if their business is based within the scheme boundary and their products meet the scheme criteria or processes, sells or serves produce from the New Forest Marque members.
  3. In order to use the New Forest Marque you will need to demonstrate to New Forest Produce Ltd that your produce or the produce you are processing or selling meets all the relevant eligibility criteria listed below:

  • All produce must be grown, reared, caught, brewed or processes produce within the scheme boundary:

New Forest Marque Scheme Boundary

  • All producers/businesses must operate in accordance with Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Animal Welfare Standards, and any other relevant UK and European licensing and legislation.
  • Specific criteria for different categories can then be found by clicking on your relevant area below: