Miller in front of desk

Eling Tide Mill has welcomed a new miller, a post which is possibly one of the rarest jobs in the country.

Pete Ramm has taken up the prestigious position at the New Forest mill, one of only two tide mills in the country that work regularly and perhaps the only one that has a miller in post.

Pete grew up in the area, went to school here and has worked around Waterside and further afield in different engineering roles. He has worked for Esso, Fawley Refinery, Southampton Institute of Higher Education and Vosper Thornycroft.

Pete’s love of fixing things has seen him repair everything from motorcycles to lawn mowers, even delving into old Singer sewing machines. He has a keen interest in history and engineering, making him an ideal candidate for the role of miller.

Pete takes over from Matt Painter, who will be training Pete in the dying art of milling wheat into flour by harnessing the power of the tide.

Eling Tide Mill has stood at the centre of life in Eling for centuries. For 900 years millers have been harnessing the power of the tides in Eling Creek to grind wheat into flour.

Today the Grade II* listed tide mill (c. 1785), surrounding riverside walks and adjacent visitor centre and cafe, form The Eling Tide Mill Experience, a New Forest Marque member.

Visitors are able to see the power of the tide turning the water wheel and powering the millstones; explore the mill’s history in an interactive exhibition; and stroll along Eling Creek.

See the Mill’s website for opening hours