Christmas isn’t Christmas without cheese. We may be indulging in the biggest roast dinner of the year, and yes we’ve been eating chocolate for breakfast for the past month now – but there’s always room for a bit of cheese.

This festive season, we’re going all out with our cheeseboards. Shopping only the very best produce from our brilliant local producers. Luckily, we’re spoiled for choice in the New Forest. So here are our top tips for serving the perfect cheeseboard with New Forest Marque produce this Christmas.

Choosing your cheese

With so many delicious, top quality products available right here on our doorstep, there’s no need to buy cheese which has travelled thousands of miles. The only way to guarantee your board will be a success, is by choosing the tastiest cheeses that you know you and your loved ones will enjoy.

Depending on how many people we’re serving, we like to provide at least three or four options. Our household loves a delicious soft cheese, a strong cheddar and a good blue. But we’ve been known to go rogue with the rest.

Lyburn Cheese’s award-winning Garlic & Nettle is a firm favourite. A delicately smoked cheese always goes down a treat, too. Or if you prefer to leave the decision to the real cheese experts, The Box of Cheese is always a great option.

Whatever you choose, by looking out for the New Forest Marque, you’ll know your cheese meets our strict criteria, made right here in our community using milk from local cows.

Accompanying your cheese

Alongside all your delicious cheese, you’ll need something to serve it with. We find that cheese goes well with fresh fruit, cured meats and peppery crackers. We love to top it with a dollop of chutney – whether it’s caramelised onion, cranberry and apple or tomato and chilli – Ewelina’s Home Pantry has a wide range of delicious options.

You might not have considered it before, but locally sourced honey is another fantastic accompaniment to cheese. A drizzle of Strides’ golden runny honey will be the perfect finishing touch to an oozy, mild brie. Trust us on this one.

Of course, the ultimate pairing for a good cheeseboard is an equally good glass of wine. Brook Hill, Marlings and Setley Ridge vineyards all offer bottles of locally vinified wine for the perfect finishing touch to your evening. Whether you’re partial to a red, white, rosé or a bit of festive fizz – there’s something for everyone.

Serving your cheese

Whether you utilise a dedicated cheese board, a beautiful platter or just individual plates – you can create a culinary experience to remember with your serving style.

For an extra special occasion, Bimblebox boards are designed not just to elevate your culinary presentation but also to enhance the joy of sharing meals with friends and family. If you fancy joining us on a journey of savouring great food, building great connections and creating great memories – look no further than these locally handcrafted products.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year, full of delectable food, indulgent drinks and fun times with the people you love. If you’re cooking up a storm with New Forest Marque products this year, don’t forget to tag us in your photos. We’d love to see what you create!