From coast to countryside, the New Forest boasts an abundance of fresh and flavourful produce for you to enjoy.

Our growers and producers are proud to provide food and drink with New Forest provenance and we created the New Forest Marque to make it easy for you to spot truly local produce.

You can be rest assured that food and drink bearing the distinctive blue logo is authentic produce that has been grown, reared, brewed, produced or processed right here in the New Forest.

Every animal labelled with the Marque logo has spent at least half of its life in the New Forest, while our producers, brewers, bakers and preservers must meet our criteria of sourcing at least 25% of their ingredients from New Forest suppliers.

So, when you choose Marque products, you support the community and the traditional ways of farmers and commoners helping to sustain the special landscape of the New Forest National Park.

The Forest’s ancient system of commoning sees free-roaming cattle, sheep and pigs graze the grasses, plants and nuts of the New Forest to produce sustainable meat which is widely celebrated for its superb flavour.

When you choose Marque products, you support the local community.

You can buy honey made from bees who bumble through the heather, sausages packed with pork from pigs who feast in the open Forest, and fish caught fresh off the South Coast.

Marque members include specialist growers of exceptional fruit and vegetables. Local strawberries are available from March to November, while New Forest asparagus and rhubarb offer an early season treat.

The region boasts award-winning cheese, fresh pâté, fabulous fudge, buttery biscuits and more. Two working mills produce flour from locally grown wheat, and four vineyards offer an array of impressive English wines.

As if the freshest, flavoursome produce wasn’t enough to tempt you to buy local, choosing to shop locally and seeking out seasonal goods is also better for the planet. It reduces your carbon footprint and lessens the environmental impact of powering greenhouses and transporting products over long distances.

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