New Forest Aromatics

At New Forest Aromatics You’ll discover fragrant candles, lip balms, shower gels, luxurious hand and body creams all made from local ingredients.  Now based at Setley Ridge Vineyard, New Forest Aromatics was created in 2011 by Debbie Mulkern to produce natural products from local, sustainable, ethical ingredients.

Debbie, a qualified aromatherapist is passionate about working with natural scents to create beautiful, sustainable, fragrant products that have positive effects on both your well-being and surroundings.

Debbie says: “We source as many ingredients as we can from within the New Forest or Hampshire. Those that we cannot we obtain from natural, sustainable sources.  In fact many of our products proudly bear the New Forest Marque”

The New Forest Marque® is a recognised logo that clearly identifies items that have been produced in the New Forest.  Products that are awarded the New Forest Marque® must contain a minimum of 25% ingredients that come from within the Scheme Boundary. For example, the New Forest Aromatics best selling Gardeners Hand Balm contains beeswax that comes from Howat’s Hives who have one hundred beehives scattered around the New Forest area and home grown lavender.

Even when Debbie can’t meet the criteria for the New Forest Marque she continues to source local ingredients where she can, like using our next door neighbour,  New Forest Spring Water to create her popular hand wash, shower gels and room fragrances.

Keeping New Forest Aromatics natural and local is extremely important to Debbie.  She maintains these values even in the smallest details of her products such as making her own natural glue with flour, sugar, vinegar and water for sticking the cotton wicks down in her candles:

“It also means the holders can easily be cleaned and reused with tea lights” says Debbie.

The candles are made with natural soy wax which is melted down and blended with her own organic, essential oil blends.  This is then hand poured in 2 stages to produce a beautiful even finish.

Debbie has recently launched a new luxury range of 3 scents for organic massage oils, bath foams and candles:



A soothing scent to aid deep relaxation, meditation and tranquillity

A luxurious blend of jasmine, frankincense, vetiver, clary sage and sandalwood



A warming scent to ease tired muscles and joints. Also great after exercise.

An invigorating blend of ginger, juniper, arnica, cardamom, rosemary


REVIVE  An uplifting scent to revitalise your senses 

A delicious blend of bergamot, lime, mint, may chang and lemongrass


You can discover this new range on the New Forest Aromatics Website: