Beachcomber gin

Beachcomber Gin was founded in May 2017 by Kaz who is also the distiller.  Beachcomber is a small craft distillery located in the heart of The New Forest in Lymington on the UK’s picturesque South Coast. It is handcrafted, distilled and bottled in small batches yielding an exclusive taste.  The company’s first gin, ‘Southern Sweet Gin’ was launched in March 2018.

Kaz left her previous job with a dream and decided to have a complete change of direction and created Beachcomber Gin out of pleasure in the hope enjoying a new and interesting career and to bring pleasure to Gin and non-gin drinkers alike.

Since trading in March 2018 Beachcomber Gin has won two awards, a silver award at the London Spirits Competition and a Silver Award at the International Wines and Spirits Awards.  They have also reached the finals in The New Forest Marque Brilliance in Business Awards.  This year Beachcomber Gin has been selected by members of The Rolls Royce and Bentley owners club to appear in their latest members book called ‘Strive for Perfection’ This book was launched in London at The Grosvenor Hotel last week.  This is a huge achievement as only top end prestigious products and businesses are selected for the book.  We were invited to the book launch where we had the opportunity to showcase Beachcomber Gin to members of Press, bloggers and TV..

Strive for Perfection

Beachcomber Gin is also committed to sustainability and for every empty used bottle that is returned they donate to the Ocean Clean-up Organisation. They will also collect any empty bottles when they deliver an order.