Andrew Parry-Norton

Andrew was born and raised in The New Forest, attending local schools (and pubs!) during the 70s, Andrew spent some time working on farms in Scotland, Dorset and France to broaden his knowledge and experience, but always returning ‘home’ to the New Forest.

Andrew is married to Sarah and between them they have four children,  Tom, William, Becky and Kirsty, together they run a traditional family commoning farm with a sprinkling of modern ideas.  Andrew produces Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Duck eggs, he is passionate about creating a high quality product.

He has found that The New Forest Marque has enabled the produce to be marketed as a niche product which can command a higher price. This has allowed the farm to grow with a healthy looking future. Andrew is proud to be a commoner and the heritage that is associated with it. He believes that the ever increasing pressures on the Forest need to be carefully managed and protected for future generations.

Andrew is a member of the National Farmers Union and the Commoners Defence Association.  He is keen to see more commoners and retailers joining the Marque to benefit form its growing recognition and market.