We’re so pleased to welcome the latest member of the New Forest Marque, natural wellbeing and skincare brand The Menopause Boutique.

The Menopause Boutique brings everything together under one roof, from nutritional advice, topical blogging, reviews on products and client feedback to advice on diet, skin care, clothing, physical and mental well-being and even a “time for me” page.

“My mission is to provide a more simplistic natural pathway for women going through the menopause, to help with the many symptoms and to give women the knowledge to make the right choices. Through my study and my work as a Nutritional Therapist, I am hoping my knowledge and expertise will put you on the right track.” – Lynda Allison

The boutique shop includes aromatherapy products created and designed in the New Forest, by a community of women helping women. They’ve worked closely with small businesses in the local area, including the hotel and spa industry, to create a unique treatment designed to work with the aromatherapy body oils.

Discover everything you need to know about The Menopause Boutique on their website and social media.