We are pleased to welcome The Noble Bee as a New Forest Marque member.

Simon Noble produces Spring and Summer Wild Flower Honey and New Forest Heather Honey from the apiaries at their home base, at Furzedown Farm Conservation area as well as several specially chosen apiaries around The New Forest.

The single origin honey produced is 100% natural, raw and unprocessed. The honey you get in your jar, is exactly how it came out of the hive, all made from wild flowers. Each jar states exactly which apiary the honey comes from, and by harvesting each location separately it allows them to celebrate the unique quality that each site offers, and it’s amazing just how much variation there is. Even from the same apiary each batch of honey varies, as different flowers come in and out of bloom through the season.

Simon also offers beekeeping experience days which include:

  • Honey tasting – try an assortment of honeys from around the world.
  • A chat about the life cycle of bees – including the different roles of the bees in the hive and swarming.
  • A chat about beekeeping – we’ll look at the day in a life of a beekeeper and what to expect through a typical season.
  • We’ll take a look at what beekeeping equipment is required to keep bees.
  • Lunch served down in the woods by the pond.
  • A chat about what you can do to have a positive effect on bees and other pollinating insects.
  • Get hands on and take a look inside an active beehive and see what goes on with your own eyes. We’ll take a walk through the woodland to our training apiary where you’ll get to inspect your own hive.
  • Make your own beeswax candle.
  • A jar of our delicious honey.
  • The pocket guide ‘Planting for Honey Bees’ [Kindly donated by Author Sarah Wyndham Lewis and our friends at Bermondsey Street Bees in London].
  • Tea and Coffee station available all day.

Please visit their website where you can find out more and also visit their online shop.