The Marque isn’t only about food and drink; members include skilled craftspeople and artists whose beautifully handmade creations are inspired by the New Forest.

Marque makers create unique and interesting products which re so much more special than anything mass produced.

Approximately one-third of our membership is craft, art, trees and education-related, all of whom must prove the provenance of their products.

For a handcrafted item to have the Marque stamp of approval it must be made in the New Forest Marque area and be produced from a minimum of 25% locally sourced raw materials.

Members sell soaps made from goats’ milk, skin care products made from beneficial local ingredients, candles made of beeswax and luxurious wools spun from New Forest-reared sheep and goats.

Marque woodworkers are highly skilled and offer a range of beautiful products from traditionally turned bowls to grand scale furniture, exquisite sculptures and even wooden stringed instruments.

Education and engagement play a huge part in the New Forest’s past, present and future. For our members dedicated to teaching, there is no better backdrop than the beautiful New Forest landscape.

We also have our newly-launched Inspired membership, which welcomes talented artists and craftspeople from the local area who produce all kinds of artworks inspired by our beautiful surroundings.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, handcrafted souvenir, or exciting educational experience – your search starts here. Discover all our craft, art, trees and education members.