Five people, the New Forest Sawmill team

We wish a warm welcome to our new member New Forest Sawmill, a leading supplier of timber including stunning, naturally edged slabs of wood.

The sawmill offers a range of custom posts, beams, sleepers and cladding, and stocks a wide variety of timber ranging from oak and cedar to cherry, apple and tulip.

The trees are sourced within a 40-mile radius of the New Forest.

Unfortunately, trees are regularly brought down prematurely for a variety of reasons such as bad weather or diseases, causing them to be a health and safety risk. These trees are often just disposed of or burnt as firewood, but their journey doesn’t have to end there.

New Forest Sawmill’s mobile sawmill offers a solution in repurposing timber for a range of uses, such as furniture or structural timber used for buildings.

Georgia Stubbs from New Forest Sawmill said: ‘We are very passionate about saving trees from being used for firewood and we like to think of it as upcycling, to give the timber a new purpose rather than letting it go for firewood.

‘We believe that milling these into beautiful slabs that our local community can repurpose is the best alternative, with things like dining tables being created for generations to enjoy.’

New Forest Sawmill’s timber cladding is popular and is used for a range of projects including cladding houses, garages, sheds and fences. They offer natural, known as ‘live edge’, timber cladding for a rustic feel to your home, or straight edge cladding for a more contemporary feel.

Visit the New Forest Sawmill website.

Crane holding a large slab of wood

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