New Forest Marque



NFM Inspired Logo - FINAL - Colour

In November 2023, we launched an exciting new branch of the New Forest Marque for local artists and craftspeople.

The New Forest Marque Inspired is open to people who live in the New Forest*, predominantly trade within the New Forest*, and create authentic and original arts or crafts inspired by the beauty of the New Forest.

Previously, the New Forest Marque required all members to source 25% of their materials from the New Forest to be eligible to join the scheme. While this requirement was in place with good reason for our food and drink producers, it was excluding the potters, painters, jewellers, photographers and other creatives who can’t source base materials like clay, paint, silver or canvas locally.

Generously supported by Arts Council England funding, Inspired allows artists and craftspeople in the New Forest to benefit from New Forest Marque membership without the need to source materials locally.

It welcomes people and businesses who previously didn’t meet the criteria for membership, but who play an important part in our community, creating art and crafts inspired by the local area and upholding the values and ethos of the New Forest Marque.

*Our scheme area is largely that covered by NFDC.

Inspired members will:

  • Create their own, authentic and original work

  • Produce work designed, made or created in the New Forest

  • Live within the scheme boundary

  • Trade within the New Forest

  • Use local products and services if available

  • Demonstrate work inspired by the New Forest

  • Uphold the local and sustainable ethos of the New Forest Marque.

Members of Inspired will enjoy all the benefits of the New Forest Marque  including promotion, networking, events and business support.

They will also be able to label their finished work with the distinctive New Forest Marque Inspired logo, showing their products are uniquely local to the New Forest.

Examples of people who may meet the criteria:

  • A potter from the New Forest who makes ceramic pieces inspired by the landscape

  • A New Forest artist who paints New Forest scenes and people

  • A jeweller from the New Forest who makes pieces inspired by the New Forest

  • A New Forest author who writes fiction that includes local history and folklore